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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Top Microblogging Sites List

Micro blogging means make and little twite it is about 140 character with short url on a particular topic related to our site and post this twit in to Different microblogging sites. Mainly this twit is created by using keywords. here the short url gives back links to our site. Microblogging Basically is a place you can have your back links, like a small blog, without writing thousand of words. You just need to have a script of the main idea of your thoughts or anything, sometimes with a photo and links, people who interested will check the link out, and they could be a fan of you, it called "Following you", so all the people who is following you will receive every content you post on microblogging, so the thing you want to promote will become popular and well know.

S.No. Websites Page Rank Alexa Rank Date
#1 https://twitter.com/        10 12 9-Jun-13
#2 https://www.tumblr.com/        8 32 9-Jun-13
#3 http://www.meetme.com/        5 1,316 9-Jun-13
#4 https://posterous.com/        8 3,181 9-Jun-13
#5 http://friendfeed.com/        - 1,952 9-Jun-13
#6 http://www.plurk.com/        8 2,019 9-Jun-13
#7 https://www.yammer.com/        7 5,422 9-Jun-13
#8 http://www.identi.ca/        8 11,125 9-Jun-13
#9 http://www.dipity.com/        7 26,650 9-Jun-13
#10 http://www.bentio.com/        5 34,900 9-Jun-13
#11 http://www.blip.pl/        6 21,209 9-Jun-13
#12 https://flattr.com/        7 20,392 9-Jun-13
#13 http://meemi.com/        4 32,128 9-Jun-13
#14 http://plerb.com/        3 20,319 9-Jun-13
#15 http://www.twitxr.com/        5 29,384 9-Jun-13
#16 http://www.tout.com/        6 61,478 9-Jun-13
#17 https://heello.com/        4 108,084 9-Jun-13
#18 http://friends-hood.com/        1 53,148 9-Jun-13
#19 http://www.rememble.com/        4 99,524 9-Jun-13
#20 http://www.weiboenglish.com/        4 139,649 9-Jun-13
#21 http://www.bebo.com/        6 4,714 9-Jun-13
#22 http://www.spotjots.com/        3 340,435 9-Jun-13
#23 http://www.hictu.com/        4 72,292 9-Jun-13
#24 https://www.yammer.com/        7 5,422 9-Jun-13
#25 http://www.clubowner.co.uk/        - 4,941,023 9-Jun-13
#26 http://www.fashionwoo.com/        1 156,510 9-Jun-13
#27 http://www.liveblog.me/        - 4,811,884 9-Jun-13
#28 http://aeiou.com/        6 220,281 9-Jun-13


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